Board Members


Prof. Faustin P. Lekule, Board Chairman.

Dkt. Sikubwabo Ngendabanka

Dkt.Sikubwabo Ngendabanka Vice Chairman (TFDA)

Bi Suzana M. Kiango

Bi.Suzana M. Kiango Secretary


Bw.. Aaron Luziga Board Member (MLFD)

Louis A. Mtenga

Prof. Louis A. Mtenga Board Member (SUA)

Bw. Ramadhani B. Mwaliko

Bw.Ramadhani B. Mwaliko Board Member (OWM TAMISEMI)

Bw. Joachim S. Mmassy

Bw. Joachim S. Mmassy Board Member (Proccessor)

Bw. George M. Maginga

Bw. George M. Maginga Board Member (Trade union)

Bi. Happiness S. Mhina

Bi. Happiness S. Mhina Board Member (Consumer union)

Bi. Aisha Mponezya

Bi. Aisha Mponezya Board Member (MoF)

Bi Magdalena Mkocha

Bi. Magdalena Mkocha Board Member (TCCIA)

Bw. Ernest l. mwakibasa

Bw. Ernest l. mwakibasa Ministry of Argriculture , Food Security and Cooperatives

Bw. David N. Mwakinyuke

Bw. David N. Mwakinyuke Livestock Keeper

The composition of the Tanzania Meat Board members are as stipulated in the Meat Industry Act No. 10 of 2006, section 9 (1 – 10) that include.

(a) The chairman who is appointed by the Minister

(b)  Two members representing livestock producers;

(c)  one members representing meat processors;

(d) one members representing livestock and meat traders;

(e) one member representing meat input suppliers

(f)one members representing meat consumers;

(g)  one members representing the Ministry responsible for Livestock development;

(h) one member from public institutions responsible for food quality contro

(i) one member from the university of agriculture;

(j)  one member from the Ministry responsible for local government;

(k) one member representing the Ministry of Finance

(l)  one member representing the Ministry responsible for cooperative and

(m)  one member representing Tanzania Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture.

Members stipulated under paragraphs (b) to (f) of subsection (1) shall be appointed by the Minister upon recommendation from the Annual Council, while members under paragraphs (g) to (m) shall be appointed by the Minister upon recommendation from the institution, organization or body which they represent.The members of the Board will hold office for a period of three years and meet at least once in every three months

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