Functions of the Board

(a) To advice the Ministry on policies and strategies for promotion, development and production of meat animals, meat and meat products;

(b)To supervise and promote livestock groups and associations in the meat sub-sector which shall be used as a platform in the implementation of Meat board;

(c) To ensure stakeholders’ compliance with national or international meat and meat products standards in collaboration with other quality control institutions;

(d) To collect, process, and disseminate information for the purpose of assisting production, investment, processing, product development and marketing;

(e) To perform regulatory activities in meat industry in accordance with the provisions of this Act;

(f)To search and develop market in collaboration with the Ministry responsible for trade and marketing;

(g) To conduct market research;

(h) To develop, implement and monitor strategies and plans designed to achieve and maintain self-sufficiency and efficiency in meat production, processing and marketing;

(i)  To ensure availability of appropriate technology for the industry;

(j) To create and promote a competitive environment conducive to fair play among stakeholders in the meat industry;

(k) To monitor the execution of contracts and marketing arrangements between meat producers and processors or bodies related to meat sub sector and reconcile the parties, when disputetes arise;

(l) To promote and co-ordinate the development of small, medium and large scale livestock producers, traders and meat processors;

(m)To promote

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